Theater Productions

1. Email to check if we have the costumes or availability to work on your show. 

2. Schedule an appointment to come into the shop, meet with a costumer, and discuss vision, pricing, and contracts.

  • It is most helpful if you come with a cast list, measurements, and costume budget already. For an extra fee, one of our costumers can do the measurements for your cast. 

3. Costuming options:

          (a). A director or costumer comes into the shop and pulls the cast
                costumes with the help of one of our costumers.

          (b). For an extra fee, one of our designers will pull, bag, and deliver the
                 costumes for your production. This can also include fittings, 
                 alterations, and replacement. 

4. Performance Week: For an extra fee, we can offer wardrobe mistresses, hair & makeup, or costume striking. 


5. Returning the Rentals: Costumes should be returned to the shop within 3 days of your closing night. All pieces should come back unaltered and in the same condition they were taken.